The Obligatory “About Me” Page


Joanna Anslow (Jo)

Other things you might see me called:

walnaj, dr_jo, wolsna (all online nicknames), Jo-Jo (only allowable by my sister!)

What I do:

I’m a Biochemistry Graduate from Imperial College in London, but currently I work as an Accounts Clerk in the central admin division of The University of Cambridge.

What do I write about/What makes me tick?:

Mainly, the things I’ve been doing, things that have made me angry, things that interest me. I’m not a computery person in general, but many of my good friends are, and some of that has rubbed off. So you might see me commenting on html or css, if I can be bothered.

I’ve suffered from depression for more years than I care to think about, but I was diagnosed in 2001. It’s been long enough that after trying to hide it for a few years, I now find it easier to be open and honest about it. So I’ll probably write about that quite a lot, (hence the Depression Category).

As for what makes me tick, I love dancing, singing, musicals, music in general. I have a less than healthy obsession with Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and anything even vaguely related to Joss Whedon. I love kittens (and cats), things that make me laugh, and clothes shopping. I want to be a wedding planner.