Duloxetine (Cymbalta)

This blog is rapidly turning into a list of antidepressant medications, with a new one every six weeks or so.

Today I started a new course of medication, Duloxetine. It’s a fairly new drug (only having been licensed in the UK 9 months ago), but it’s been around in the US for longer. The side effects profile isn’t too bad, and I have historically responded well to drugs of its type (Selective Serotonin and Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitors), so here’s hoping.

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  1. Benson Evans Says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I’ve just completed the second day of Cymbalta. One of the immediate signs of improvement is that I started singing in the car again (I am a professional singer).
    I, too, have had some nausea, decrease in appetite but I think I can handle it.
    The ONE thing I’m most concerned about is that the big O immediately disappeared.
    I’m not sure I want to live without that but am willing to continue the course to see if that symptom dissipates. I was always horny and that made me uncomfortable so the slight decrease in libido is acceptable.
    I feel I have to balance the decrease in depressive symptoms with the decrease in the sexual side effects. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  2. Rosie Says:

    I have been on Cymbalta for approx 6 -8 months….went in Lyrica in addition. Was switched from Cymbalta to Prestiq. I decided to stop taking everything since I no longer knew who I was or how I was feeling. I was weaned according to the doctors instructions from Lyrica. I was weaning from Prestiq and during the week of weaning I had a Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism (shot a blood clot into both lungs). The hospital could not provide Prestiq and I will be finished with Cymbalta in about 2 weeks. HAs anybody had any problems with blood clots on any of these medications??

  3. Holly Says:

    I started taking cymbalta about a mounth or so ago taking 30 to 60mg a day. I’ve just decided to stop taking them after seeing what has happened to my sex drive. I am on no anit-deprssents now. does anyone know how long it will take to get back to my normal sex drive?

  4. Denise Says:

    I am 50 years old. I was having mood swings, depression, crying jags, and I had a great deal of worry about our oldest son who is Iraq. I am also perimenopausal and suffering from symptoms that it presented. My doctor started me on Prempro and Cymbalta on June 26. To tell you the truth, the first few days were rough, I had the “deer in the headlight look” and could have slept all day long. Here it is July 21 and I haven’t felt this good in almost 10 years. My only complaint and to tell you the truth, to me it’s a big one is the big “O” has disappeared and not for the lack of trying. Did it come back for anyone? If so, how long after you began the medicine?
    The “want to” is there and so is a patient husband. Help…anyone?

  5. steve Says:

    hi, i have been on cymbalta for over 2 years now for major depression and now suddenly my mood,dizziness stomach cramps/troubles,tiredness is unbearable. i am thinking about going back to zispin which worked with only slight weight gain. need to get off this quick..

  6. steve Says:

    and the sweating is terrible,just like when i was on venlafaxine….taking 60mg at present. sorry about the 2nd post..

  7. melissa Says:

    About 5mo ago I started taking Cymbalta. At first I felt amazing. I was really happy, very sexual and all symptoms of depression and anxiety went away. After about 2mo of taking this med. my sex drive decreased but is not absent. My only complaint was that my eyes felt so heavy and I yawned all day long. I also felt like I had a hard time concentrating and was often space out way more than normal.

    Without telling my doctor, I tried to tamper of the med slowly. From 60 to 30mg I felt fine, and the eye pressure went away. I also stopped yawing. Once down to zero mg a day, I felt fine for about 4 days and then everything went weird really fast. I was super sexual, anxious, spaced out, had vivid nightmares, and could not concentrate on anything. My anxiety was out of control. Something really bad was happening neurologically. I felt like my brain was being zapped with electrodes. It scared me so bad that I got back on and am taking 30 mg again. I feel fine but am very worried about what this drug is doing to my brain and what the long term effects are. This drug is controlling my life. Going to see my doctor ASAP

  8. kez Says:

    i started taking duloxetine 60mg about 5 weeks ago the first 3 weeks were awful
    i was extreemly suicidal and axious one night i got up at 3am and just went down the shore to end it
    another night i went upstairs and emptied my whole room and packed all my clothes and was goign to go far away !! dont ask why
    5 weeks later i have to say this last week i have felt better than i have in a year !!
    i have major depression i hope this is the start of something better

    reading peoples comments my pupils were massive and still are you would thnk im high
    i also have very very vivid dreams sometimes i would wake still thinking it had haapened !!

    but i would say try and stick at it as hard as you can
    and if you feel the way i did and sometimes still do … being alone is worse i basicaly had to saty around people 24/7 which was so hard !!

    all the best

  9. Louise Says:

    I am bipolar I and took Cymbalta for about one year. During this time my arms and legs ached, deep pain that I took Advil 800mg TID for
    without relief. I did not connect the cause of my pain to Cymbalta (I take 8 meds)but was finally switched to Wellbutrin after a deep depressive episode during wich my MD added Lamictal without sucess. I had vivid naghtmares, felt irritable and agressive while tapering off but when out of my system I felt great! I literally improved within days after withdrawl syptoms cleared. Wellbutrin is gread for my ADHD as well.

  10. Louise Says:

    PS I have taken many medications, some helpful some not but Cymbalta was an animal of a different sort. i wonder how things will play out long term as this is a relatively new drug. I would not recommend Cymbalta to anyone and must say this is the only medication I have ever taken that
    initially relieved my depression but over time caused physical, emotional and mental pain . I continued taking something for relief that was causing the symptoms. Scary

  11. Poochie Says:

    Cymbalta has been a blessing and curse. It’s the first antidepressant for me that has really seemed to work. Was terrific at reducing this existential anxiety that seems to pervade me, especially when I travel alone. Took 30 mg, but could not go any higher b/c of a leap in nervousness and sleeplessness.

    The side effects were consistent with many others, plus a few more. Could not fall asleep until around 3 am, so started taking lorazepam with a touch of wine before bedtime. Hated the idea of taking in all those meds. The sleeplessness got to be too much, so titrated off. Thought I was OK, until my boss said that I was nodding off in meetings and would get this blank stare. Am being terminated.

    I realize that my depession has crept back in, and don’t know where to turn. I’ve tried nearly every anti-depressant (prozac, paxil, zoloft, celexa, lexapro, wellbutrin, effexor), none of which really helped and had significant sfx — usually weight gain, sleep problems, lethargy.

    Setting up an appt with a new shrink to see what might work. I’m really am feeling helpless around this. For now, am starting back on cymbalta to see where it takes me.

  12. Jan Says:

    I am male and was prescribed 60mg Cymbalta a month ago. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years, and now one month into Cymbalta, I seem to be able to enjoy life once again!

    In the first week of use, I noticed a marked lack of appetite and the inability to reach orgasm. I also had some difficulty falling asleep.

    By the second week the symptoms started to go away, and now after a month, it’s all back to normal. Sexual activity is even better than before!

    Good luck to all of you!

  13. Jami Says:

    I’ve been on Cymbalta 60mg. a day for a couple years. I was originally on Welbutron but my wife wanted to talk to the doctor about my aggression. Doctor put me on Cymbalta.
    The difference could be seen almost immediately. Depression runs in my family, we have had 2 suicides.
    Cymbalta has helped me with anxiety, depression, and aggression. It has even helped me last longer in bed. (I never did last that long, and now I can enjoy myself).
    My only fear is that it will stop working for me.

    -If I miss a dose it causes me to feel weird. It also is seen about 24 hours later in my mood through aggression.
    -I sweat like crazy sometimes at night when I sleep. Soak the sheets sweat.

    God Bless and prayers to all.
    I know it can be hard. Hang in there.

  14. Jami Says:

    Sorry for second post;
    31 yr. old healthy male.
    no other meds taken.

  15. trish Says:

    ive been on cymbalta for over 1 1/2 years. i have found myself emotionless, tired, sluggish, gone from being an active person to a couch potato. i have times when i say the wrong word in a sentence (did you bring in the magazine) instead of the word newspaper. i sweat constantly and alot. i forget what i am going to say-alot.. and ive gained weight and still am, i am hungry all the time. anyone having similar symptoms

  16. NINI Says:

    I started taking Cymbalta 4 weeks ago 1 week on 30 mg graduating to 60 mg daily. I suffered from depression off and on for 2 years after the death of my dear friend. Also chronic pain over most of body from the depression. I began the treatment of Cymbalta and within 3 days I was a totally differant person. I was fun loving again, and ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN!!! Those are the pros….

    The cons…. insomnia (lol its 1:18 am and Im typing this), some tightness in the chest.
    Last week I came down with a stomach virus and was unable to take the Cymbalta due to vomiting and nausea, so for three days I went off the pills and I felt like total CRAP!!!! Some of the previous symptoms crept in…depressed, lack of energy,a dont give a crap attitude, and body aching.

    So I guess in life there is a trade off, the pros…..or the cons…….and I would much rather take the Cymbalta than loose out on living………

  17. Ron Says:

    Depressed and anxiety most of my life, 55 now, but most people say, you are so cool and in control. Inside I can be boiling over.
    I started Cymbalta in June of 2009 felt better, not great the first week at 40 mil. Then felt totally depressed the next 4 weeks, even worse would describe it better. At 5 weeks I went up to 60 mil., that took about a week to kickin but I felt alot better alittle numb no depression but was still very sleepy most of the time. After 3 more weeks of feeling good but sleepy, the Doc put me on Nuvigil, it was about 60 mil. to start, this is an interesting drug. The first 5 days @ 60 mil. I was superman ,then little by little after a couple of weeks I slowed down to be sleepy again but no depression. Doc kept adjusting up Nuvigil every couple of weeks. I am at 250 mil of Nuvigil and 60 mil. of Cymbalta now after 9 months. I have been on this combo 4 months and everyday is mostly good, as before, I find I can talk myself into being depressed if I want to no matter what drug I take. My wife and I believe in God and Jesus as our savior. This has helped me for years and now I am just seeing something totally different that has helped me greatly. I realized around the end of 2009 that the most important relationship I have is with Jesus. As long as I keep my life in line with him i do not feel insufficeint or unworthy I do not see myself the way the world does, I see myself the way Jesus does. If you see yourself the way the world does and try to look that way you will never come out of depression, you will just try to get more and more high on the meds .Jesus sees me as a sinner , a man that is trying hard to be better. I will never be perfect, I can do what I can and try as much as I am able to do what needs to be done. I make no excuses for making bad choices, I have only Jesus to answer to. And, I have Jesus to listen to.

    I pray if you read this, you too will find the love of Jesus.


  18. Cindy Says:

    I started on a lower dosage of Cymbalta for one month and now am 60 mg – I am almost finished month 2.

    I am taking it for Depression and Anxiety. I had both for years but never addressed them. Then I got layed-off and financial difficulties kicked in and I became suicidal.

    Honestly, I do get the sore throat – really bad, the sweating and the hot flashes, but still, I have never felt better in my life! I feel good about life, I look forward to each day, I have loads of energy and I can deal with situations remarkably better.

    I will be attending counselling as well, but my worse fear is coming off the drug. Right now it is such a crutch for me.

    Everyone reacts differently for everyone, but I hope that you find a remedy that works as well for you as Cymbalta does for me.

    Sorry just one more thing, I have stopped emotional eating and am losing loads of weight!

  19. Ron Says:


    Thank you for the information, it is so encouraging to hear you are working on yourself with success. I want to share 3 + things I have learned, take it for what it is worth to you.

    1. Don’t worry about coming off the drug, pray that it will continue to work and if you need it the rest of your life, is it not worth it to feel this health. And if you start feeling down, first think of all the things you can be thankful for. Today in Chicago it is rainy and foggy, wow is that beautiful to see how God can change our world for us.Also, there will always be help for you, other med’s, other counselors ( they are not all going to work for you ), other friends , the list goes on.

    2. In response to your last line,you start with the word Sorry. Hey kido, this word in the way you use it implies you do not value what you are telling us, you are taking our time. What you are telling us is what you think we need to hear, you are attempting to give a part of yourself to us, to help us, thank you for that. You need to stop that kind of thinking, first recognize your negative thought and immediatley bring in a thought of beauty or joy , something good.
    I am sure you are beautiful, God made all things.

    3. Finally, please remember, you cannot be all things to all people. You may say or do something that will bother some one, let it go, we all have a bad day, we all struggle with different problems. Focus on what you need to do to become healthy but do not get self absorbed, constantly thinking about how you feel. Even the most succesfull people in this world have pain and suffering, they may not be affected by it because they focus on something or someone they can control like,work.I would rather meet a depresses person that is open and caring than a tycoon that just wants to talk about him or herself.

    Thank you, ron
    I am not going to say … sorry .. for all the misspelled words or my grammar
    I need people in my life that do not value me by what I look like or how smart I am, how about you?. Oh ya! Have … fun , take time off time months off !!!!! Work hard, maybe now it is only on yourself but do it. A Don’t ever stop being curious it will bring you much joy in your life.
    Sorry this is so long. woops!

  20. Shawn Says:

    Hi, everyone. First of all I think that you need to find a good Dr. that will work with you. I have had Funky feelings on all the meds. that I have Taken. I’ve felt nausea, dizzy, anxious, and feelings of despair. I told Drs. that these I couldn’t take; Paxil, Zoloft, Remeron. abilify, welbutrin, Seraquel, klonopin, because I got so anxious that my heart pounded and I put myself into a panic attack. This was like a cycle that I couldn’t stop. It was my own hell and no one could understand it but me. While I was in a hospital because a Dr. put me on 9 mgs. of xanax a day They put me on cymbalta. Wow….This is the only med. so far that I can say works. I think that it worked so fast on me , as it should for all of you, because I was on a ssri before I started it. I was trying to tell myself that the paxil was working because thats what my Dr. said. Cymbalta is the best antidepresant around. It gave me my life back. Don’t get me wronng I still have my downs but alot less often. I am taking 120mgs. and yeah I was scared of all the side affects they say. Don’t worry, get a good Dr. and trust him. The hardest thing is trusting a person that has your state of well being in his or her hands. Please do so but make sure your comfortable with him or her. One way to check is see if they return your phone calls. That will always make you feel better when adjusting…and remember no question is a stupid question..

    Cymbalta is great !!!!!!

  21. patt Says:

    this article might be interesting to you all, although i think each persons body reacts differently–you have to find out what is best for you.


  22. AKeene Says:

    I started 30 mg of cymbalta 2 days ago. I take it at night. Other than a head cold (that may have nothing to do with the med) and dry mouth. I Have had no major side effects. i have been on a number of anti-depressants for a number of years. Effexor made me horribly sick to my stomach, prozac didnt help at all, zoloft made my grind my teeth, and paxil was horrible to start and stop…i had a horrible time starting the paxil (which helped at first then after a year quit working all the way around) then when i came off of it..well i thought i wasnt going to get through the withdrawls. But i did, started lexapro when i was pregnant..it made me throw up even more than i already was. So i stopped anti-depressant for 2 years. I have payed deeply for it! I have been a mess, my relationship is a mess, and i have anxiety terrible. i have no patients with my children. So i started Cymbalta, It has been great so far. I dont know about the sex drive thing ( i didnt have one to begin with due to the depression) so we will see. But dont let these blogs scare you….ALL ANIT-DEPRESSANTS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS OF SOME SHAPE OR FORM. but you have to decide if you want to live depressed and anxious or take a pill that can make that go away. The side effects will slow down and eventually go away. good luck to everyone!

  23. Kate Says:

    Started Cymbalta tonight. Been on Paxil for 2 years and it stopped working, all of a sudden. I have been on everything. Lexapro made me tense in the jaw it ached. Welbutrin was 3 weeks of agony, got more depressed. I took Effexor for 5 days, I think. I was climbing the walls, so much anxiety! Remeron was magical for me BUT I was puffy and bloated everywhere. I felt like a water balloon. I took it for a year but I didn’t even look like myself anymore.
    I really hope this helps, I am tired of sleeping all the time. Tired of wanting to disappear.

  24. Charlie Says:

    Hi all,

    Thank you all for your input. It has been very helpful to me to see the wide range of experiences. I am in my first week of Cymbalta @ 30. The first day was trippy! I wasn’t sure if I could continue, but the next day and all subsequent I have woken up uncharacteristically chipper. I am renowned for not being a morning person, but I am now cuddling with the dogs, giggling and bouncing out of bed happy as a clam. I was very surprised how much the first day was nothing like the rest. I was nauseated, couldn’t work, went from pacing around to lying gape-mouthed on the couch. Very weird day, but nothing like that since.

    I wanted to write to suggest something to the folks with the throat and intestinal side-effects. I am a vegan and have had no such problems, so if you are having these issues, maybe you might try going meat- and dairy-less for a couple of days to see if it improves. I suspect the dairy for the throat issues and the meat for the other, but that’s just my guess.

    I feel bad for those with the sweats out there. I was a perpetually cold person and I now am finally comfortable places instead of freezing. That was a nice perk as I looked funny always wearing sweaters in summer.

    My best to you all.

  25. Shawn Says:

    Hi again!

    I just want to tell everyone to hang on. The cymbalta is still working for me, but my Doc. added remeron 30 mg.s a night. Has anyone still have break through depression? actually I think things are working but I’m confused ? How am I really suppose to feel? They have had me on antidepressents for so long is my depression break throughs normal feeling of life or do I need something else. I still think that cymbalta is great though.Please answer me? I just want to be happy? Whats that suppose to be. What does your depression feel like?

  26. pati Says:

    Started on cymbalt 30 mgs for depression and HORRIBLE anxiety attacks. I felt like I was dying. It made me sick and tired, yawning all the time and very dry mouth. I stuck with it and after a week started feeling better. Mentally I knew things were changing. Now I am on 60 mgs and doing great!!! Going up in dose was no problem and it is amazing how my anxiety attacks have stopped. I was waking up in the middle of the night with them and having at least 3 a day. That along with the worring and gloom and doom feeling was horrible. I feel so much better now. Like a whole new person, so my advice is to try to stick with it. Oh and at first my sex drive was down, but it’s back and although orgasims take a little bit longer I am having them. So maybe some of you just need to give it a chance and know that it has helped me sooooooo much.

  27. thaieler Says:

    ive been on many drugs over the years, duloxetine was the worst ive tried i know different drugs work differently for different people but im back on Venlafaxine 150mg thank god, theres also Venlilac as well which is almost the same as venlafaxine, i agree with one of the earlier posts, if the dosage of the drugs are not high enought theres no point in even taking them, on duloxetine i had terrible effect, electric shock sensation in my nerves, vertigo. mood swings. not nice, on venlafaxine, sex drive is not too bad, although its best to take it night as it can make u very sleepy

  28. merle Says:

    No one has talked about age! i am 79 and have been depressed since back operations that did not work and has left me with neuropy in left foot.i took cybmbala 30 mg 3 days and it effected my bain badly.my speech was effected ,i had tremors and i blacked out.scared me to death.so i was told to stop and go back on lexapro.

  29. Gayle Says:

    The dr put my on Cymbalta for possible fibromyalga, when I took it I went to work so sleepy and dozed out, I didn’t snap out of until about 1pm. I only take it when none of the muscle relaxants don’t work. I’m not sure I feel safe taking it for any long term basis.

  30. Irene Says:

    My Mom is depressed for two and a half years. She is 75. She was on some medications for about 8 months, but they didn’t help. Then she was given Cymbalta and 8 weeks later she got out. But a month after that it started all over again. So, her dosage went up and another 10 weeks later she was good. 2 months after that it started again. 4 more months she was taking Cymbalta, but it didn’t help. So, her doctor started trying out other medications. NOTHING helps!!! It is been more then a year since she was better.

    Would it be wise to go back on Cymbalta?

    Can it be that at that time her body was used to that and now after about 8 months of not taking it Cymbalta can work for her again?

  31. Beth Says:

    Cymbalta is a evil seductress. Yes, you may feel better but try getting off this stuff. It is wicked. Please do some research on the drugs you are taking. Please look at other less toxic therapies. It is shown that most of these anti-depressants are permanently affecting your brains, as well as other vital organs. Eli Lilly only cares about the profits they are making. My son-in-law complained of a back ache and his family doctor put him on a host of anti-anxiety meds. The one drug found in his system at autopsy was Cymbalta. The 38 year old father hung himself. He never complained or stated he was depressed or suicidal unless he was taking an anti-depressant. Please go to wwwdotbreggindotcom and learn!

  32. McKade Says:

    I have been prescribed Cymbalta for my nerve pain and been on it now for about 3 weeks. After terrible headaches and the worst acid reflux I have ever had I decided to check out if these side effects were caused by my pain meds or the Cymbalta. Turns out it is the Cymbalta. I was also battling with extreme thirst and thought it to was caused by my pain meds. Turns out I was wrong. I was so thirsty I finished off a 2 liter bottle of apple juice within a four hour period upon which I started experience a nausea. Within minutes of this all that apple juice came back up.
    As I am writing this i am dealing with the insomnia (it is 4am) and this is partly do to the awful acid reflux. To top it off my sex drive is gone as well. I have been having to to take Levitra to help with the ED, which I never had a problem with before being as i am 28. Thankfully the Levitra help with the ED but orgasm took way to long to achieve.
    The only positive thing I can say about Cymbalta is that the annoying and painful tingling in my feet is not quite as severe and I am more on the pleasant side, which is a change from always being angry and depressed for being stuck in a wheelchair because of the pain. But I cant handle this acid reflux at all. I am considering cutting my loses and try another approach for the depression. As for pain…. Clueless

  33. McKade Says:

    Prior to Cymbalata, which I can not handle due to the abundant side effects, I was put on Lyrica. Lyrica is another nerve block/ anti-depressant but unfortunately that one did not react well with me. I was experiencing problems with swallowing and didn’t realize it until I stopped taking it and the problem immediately went away. But because of going cold turkey, and this is only an assumption, I had a stroke. My right hand was paralysed for 3 months. The doctor said it was a combination of the lyric and smoking but I stopped taking the lyric and it was a week after the fact. Who knows but I am just thankful to have full range of motion back in my right hand, considering I am left handed after all. Masturbation just wasn’t the same without my dominate hand. Just kidding. Had to throw in a joke after all that depressing stuff going on with me. Hmm… Cymbalata really has brought back my humor, just wish I didn’t have the negetive side effects along with it.

  34. Bridget Says:

    I have been on Cymbalta for 3 weeks. I’m horny all the time. I’ve been married 13 years and this is the best sex we’ve ever had, well his penis is raw. I want sex all the time. I even bought ben wah balls. I have that urge just to have something in me. I wear the balls 24/7. Is this normal?

  35. Cymbalta Month Says:

    I have been on Cymblata for a little over a month. On October 5th 2011, I told my Cymbalta story on another site called http://rxstories.com – However, the more and more I read about Cymbalta online, the more I am worried about the effects is has on the liver. I had to get bloodwork done before I went on Cymbalta. I have been on many different meds over the years, and this was the first time I have had to get bllodwork BEFORE I was put on a medication. I understand why they do blood work after being on a med for a while, but to have me get the bloodowork before being prescribed the drug is a major concern for me. It’s almost like they are saying this is going to be so bad for your body that we have to make sure it won’t kill you before we put you on the med. On the other site, I think I told my story in a way that was a bit too optimistic. Thanks for letting me tell about my situation here.

  36. Cecil Jones Says:

    I have been taking Effexor, Wellbutrin, and Cymbalta for at least 6 years. I do not know if I had side effects trying to adjust to these drugs because I was so ill. The major side effect has been loss of libido. None of these drugs seemed to work. Then my psychiatrist prescribed Seroquel. I have been feeling tremendously better ever since.

    How difficult is it to stop using Cymbalta? C. Jones

  37. jaymie from roseville, ca Says:

    I have been on Cymbalta for almost six months and let me tell you, it has been a great relief for my lower back injury due to a fall. After seeing several different doctors, having nerves burned in my back, going to twelve weeks of physical therapy, being put on Norco, I can now sit for a period of time and not be in pain. Havent taken norco since I started the Cymbalta. What a difference my life has been…..

  38. Tricia Wilkie Says:

    I have been on Duloxetine for 3 years. It was given because I had constipation with the other anti depressants and is supposed to be gastro friendly. However I still have chronic constipation, but I was told it would be worse on the other types. I dont think it made any difference. It is really interesting to read so many others with side effects of the same thing!! I don’t have any libido and I read someone else describing exactly how I am, like a room mate. My boyfriend got so upset with it he moved onto someone else, he kept asking about the sex, but I had no interest at all. I dont have any feelings, I feel numb, and I dont really get any pleasure out of anything, so I do wonder what the tablets are doing and whether I should try to come off them. I had a really bad attack of anxiety, and didn’t sleep for 3 years so was put on Duloxetine Zopiclone and Quetiapine. My specialist said if she gave me any more medication she would have to anaesthetise me.

    I am sleeping better now, after many years, I dont have the panic attacks but feel very low and depressed.

  39. chris Says:

    Is it best to take the Cymbalta in the morning or at night?

  40. Max Says:

    39-year-old male. I was taking Cymbalta for a month. 30mg then 60mg. I had the nausea, headaches, insomnia, constant vivid dreams, etc. On the 60mg I lost my sex drive completely. No desire or even masturbation. I stopped taking the drug cold because I’m not willing to lose that part of me for the depression. Not a fair trade at all. I’ve been off it for just over a week now. Had bad vertigo that whole time and insomnia. Now I’m still waiting for my libido to return. Bad bad drug.