The Light of India

I love eating out. The food’s so good, and there’s no preparation, or washing up. And there’s usually enough food to leave you feeling comfortably stuffed. As a result, I eat out quite a lot. So, I thought I’d put up little reviews of places I eat in, starting now.

The Light of India.
67/69 Gloucester Road, very close to Gloucester Road Tube.

This small Indian Restaurant (seats 55) is actually a part of the Montana Hotel. Despite being small, there’s no need to book. We went on a Saturday evening, and it wasn’t full at any point during our meal. The food’s reasonably priced (for South Kensington!) with a main meat dish at around £8.

Our Meal

Onion Bhajis
Spring Rolls
Chicken Pakora

Chicken Korma
Lamb Pasanda
Chicken Makhani
Pilau Rice
Plain Nan, Peshwari Nan
Saag Aloo

The bhajis tasted wonderful, although I would say they were slightly overcooked (very very cripsy to the point of being hard). The others were nice, but not outstanding.
Where this restaurant excels is with its main courses. My personal favourite was the Pasanda, while Kayleigh prefered the Makhani, but they were all very good. The rice was light, and the peshwari nan was wonderful.

Service was excellent, as there were more staff than seemed necessary. Our waiter also seemed to take a liking to me, giving me pronuciation lessons…

Overall, I’d throughly recommend them, and will eat there again I’m sure.

How much will it cost?
We spent £70 for a 2 course meal for 3 people, including tip. (We had non-alcoholic drinks)

5 Responses to “The Light of India”

  1. k-li Says:

    yeah it was really good food, and the waiter really did take a shine to you!

  2. Fatty Says:

    Mmm, food… 🙂

    Although I sense you shouldn’t have published the address, as Ben will no doubt get exceedingly jealous of said waiter and go there to fight him. Or possibly not.

  3. Jo Says:

    Ben was there. So no worries on that front 🙂

  4. Fatty Says:

    Ah yes, I should have guessed from the Saag Aloo 😉

  5. pyramus_thisbe Says:

    Visited this restaurant on Sunday 15 March. Unfortunately, this is the worst restaurant we have ever visited and it spoiled our evening. We ordered poppadoms and drinks and the waiter who took our order was rude to us as he snorted at our order. A second waiter approached us several minutes later and, as we were making our choices from the menu, ordered us to put our menus away because he said we were putting poppadom crumbs and apple sauce on them. My husband and I then informed the waiter that we would not be eating in the restaurant and ordered the bill. When the bill arrived it included the drinks we had not drunk and the poppadoms we had hardly touched. When we told the waiter we thought we should not be expected to pay for the poppadoms he said we had to. Whilst my husband sat at the table and paid the bill I spoke to the manager and he said that the waiters had worked there for 20 years and this was the first time anyone had ever made a complaint and he confirmed we had to pay for the drinks and poppadoms we had hardly touched. By far the most disappointing service we have ever had and a very upsetting evening.

    Laura and Paul