In response to my complete lack of posting recently (Had too much else to worry about) comes a round-up post to bring everything back up to date.
Firstly, I am no longer a student. After five years I am now the proud holder of a 3yr BSc in Biochemistry, 2:2. It’s not the greatest result ever, but considering that I only completed 1.75 of a total of 4 course units this year, it’s something close to a miracle! I think I mostly have Dr Fairweather to thank.
David and I have found a house in the Cherry Hinton area of cambridge, and we’re going through the final application process. We move in on August 7th.
I am applying for jobs in Cambridge, mostly looking for something to pay the rent, but hoping for a job at least partially involving events planning. No luck so far, but I have plenty of applications in.
And finally, no roundup would be complete without a report of my current depression situation. I have had my appointment with the Maudsley, which has been useful in a number of ways. Firstly it acts as a second opinion, confirming the diagnosis of treatment resistant clinical depression, and ruling out other problems, such as psychosis or manic depression. And second, they made suggestions about which drugs I should be trying, and at what doses.
We have dropped the Prozac, as it was giving me daily headaches, and had no appreciable benefits. The Maudsley have suggested that both the Trazodone and Lamotrigine should be at much higher levels. We are awaiting a blood level for lamotrigine, which takes forever, but have been increasing the trazodone fairly rapidly. Current side effects are confusion, irritability, extreme tiredness and food cravings. I am hoping that once we reach the final dose, some of these will reduce. On a more positive note, the combination does seem to be at least partially working, so a few side effects are worth living with.

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