Various things recently have started me thinking about aging. In the last few months, my Grandmother has died of breast cancer, and I have had to have my cat Pepper put to sleep, again probably due to cancer. They were both what you would describe as old – 78 and approx 14 respectively, which doesn’t make it easier, but does at least mean it makes some sort of sense. Around the same time, a friend from University was killed when he was hit by a bus. 22 is not nearly old enough.

At the other end of the scale, I feel like I have had to seriously grow up in the last couple of years. I don’t feel old enough or experienced enough for many of the roads I have started down, or for any of the things that friends of my age are doing (moving to the US, getting married, presenting scientific papers across the world…).

At what age do you stop wanting to be older (like when I was a kid, and the half year on 6 and a half was so important), and start wanting to be younger? I think I’m stuck somewhere in the middle at the moment. I would like to be younger, because then I wouldn’t have to deal with everything which is happening in my adult life, but I would also like to be older, to better deal with the aforementioned happenings.

I’m not sure I really had a direction I was going with this post, or really a point of any kind I was trying to make. I guess I’m just trying to create some kind of order in my thoughts; make some sort of sense of the chaos that is life, which seems to have become just that bit more chaotic in recent times.

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